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Our company since the establishment in 1989, with the developing technology aims to develop itself. Along with the new production plant started to switch in 2013, the machine park was renegated with technologic, environment friendly and low energy consumption machines. With these new machines, production capacity was increased %40. Plastic parts between 0.1 gram - 20000 are being produced in high precision in our production plant. Except the plastic parts also we do painting, serigraphy, pad painting, ultrasonic welding and mould.

Before the plastic production; customer oriented part design and mold design and mold produce go on without compromising on quality in trust with our team of experts.

To offer the best to our customers, our company which highly gives importance to R&D and continuous improvement, makes prototype production. The purpose is to reduce the faults into the minimum level by producing prototype plastic parts. With 10 thousand tonnage plastic raw material croping capacity yearly,we serve to the leading companies of automotive, electricity, white goods.